What were schools like in 1860?

In 1860, all of the students were in a one-room school house. Poor Simon Green went to 3rd grade four times. Now, he will not finish the 6th grade at his school. His school only goes from 1st to 6th grade.

In 1860, the room was very big and have one class for each grade.Simon Green need to learn 3rd grade 4 years.Now he aiready on the 10th grade.By:w14

In 1860,they are just a school house with one room in it but it's a big room.The teacher only teach 1st grade to 6th grade in the 1860's school.Simon need to learn 3rd grade for four times but the teacher still teach him until he was graduate because he was to old to be in 3rd grade.( Really when he was graduate, he was15 years old.) By M13